Thursday, September 27, 2007

chairs, chairs, chairs

Chairs come in all different shapes and sizes. There is not one kind fits for all. May be one of these chairs will suit your needs!!!

Speaker Chair: kick back and listen to some music in this high tech speaker chair. The design is based around a huge speaker driver with speakers in the arms, an ipod dock, CD player and essential controls. Designer: Pinju Chen

Bookinist for bikers: bookinist is a mobile reading chair, with enough built-in storage to hold 80 books. Read, Think & Move …. Designer: Nils Holger Moormann

Children’s Highchair: This chair comes with a little saw and instructions printed on sandpaper. Designer: Droog Design

Hood chair: Throw in a piece of clothing in there and the chair is “taken”. Designer: Broberg Ridderstrale

Affirmative action: Requires a little balancing act during teatime. Designer: Nissim Porat

Formable furniture: A totally handy thing that’s as flexible as the occasions you’d use it for. Chair to chaise to coffee table to modular storage unit back to chair. By designer: Reed Crawford

Soft Pipe: The soft pipe comes from the shape of a woman. Pay attention and you can recognize the boots of our sweet lady. Designer: Sand & Birch

Lu chair: Truly organic with an unfortunate name. By designer: Andrea Fino & Samanta Snidora

The puppy stool so cute!!! By designer: Adero Designs

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

" Selling your house is no more a nightmare"

Trying to sell a house in a bad market could be a night mare. You hope your agent could waive a magic wand and sell your house for you. With the real estate market cooling down, lot of effort goes into selling house these days.
This article focuses on providing home owners a few tips for low budget remodeling and staging your house to sell.

Kitchens are a big selling factor. If you are remodeling your kitchen as a face-lift prior to selling it, it is recommended that you spent no more than 10-15% of the cost of your house. Old cabinets are a big turn off to potential buyers. Consider resurfacing them instead of replacing them. You could paint or stain your old cabinets, add some stylish looking hardware and give it a new fresh look. Replacing your laminate countertop with granite could be a big bonus. Replacing your old appliances with new stainless steel appliances could take your kitchen from old and outdated to ultramodern and chic!!!

Bathrooms come second in the list. They need to look spacious and clean. Old stained wall tiles don’t cut it. If you cannot replace them clean them, paint them resurface them. The same goes with shower doors too.

A well-chosen selection of wall colors, contrasting trim and accent colors can draw attention to architectural details and disguise design flaws. Go for a neutral color palette with contrasting trim colors and some accent colors here and there to add some interest.

Old fire place:
Ugly brick fireplace could be an eye sore for potential buyers. Give it a fresh coat of paint to match the wall color add a mantel on top of it and make it fabulous!!!

Living room:
Buyers love light and airy living rooms. Open up you blinds and window covering to let some sunshine in. Cheat some sunshine with lots of artificial lighting. Last, arrange the space with lightly colored furniture, and you'll have a living room that brightens your chances of a sale.

A soothing neutral wall color and coordinating bedding should do the trick!!! LESS IS MORE here!!!

Clutter free is the mantra!!!

Curb appeal:
Last but no the least, curb appeal is very important element to attract potential buyer to look at your house. A fresh coat of exterior paint and well groomed landscaping will be a good start. Buyers love well maintained large decks. Replace damaged wood and stain existing deck giving it a fresh look. Plant flowers in bloom and buyers start buzzing in!!!


Monday, September 24, 2007


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