Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fengshui tip for the day

The Gold Fish
In Feng Shui, the Gold Fish is the symbol of wealth and prosperity, because the Chinese word "fish" is pronounced just like the word "abundance". In Asia the eating of fish on New Year’s Day is thought to bring great abundance for the new year. Giving a card with a picture of a fish on it together with a lotus flower symbolizes: "May you have abundant blessings throughout your life". In Feng Shui, the gold fish is a strong symbol to attract wealth and prosperity. So go ahead and add an aquarium with some goldfish !!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Personal Hygiene System

Complete your dream Home Spa with the ultimate in personal hygiene. The Refresh Personal Hygiene System™ replaces your existing toilet seat and features front and rear cleansing wands, warm air dryer, heated seat and convenient remote control. Available in round or elongated shape to match your toilet style. Available at Lowe's Home Improvement Centers
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Green Skyscrapper in Mumbai

Construction has started on India Tower, a new 60-storey (301 meters) world-class Park Hyatt hotel, retail, and residential tower located in South Mumbai, India. The developer is committed to making India Tower a United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Gold-rated project. Construction is expected to be completed in 2010. India Tower is located in the prestigious South Mumbai coastal area fondly referred to as the Queens Necklace. The tower’s rotated form emerges in response to the 3-acre site (1.2-hectares), the building’s functional requirements, and its mixed-use program that changes with each rotation of the tower. This circulation pattern separates retail, a custom-designed residential-style Park Hyatt hotel and serviced apartments, and long-lease and duplex penthouse condominium apartments. The design concept for India Tower was informed by Mumbai’s climate, the site, and the desire to create distinctive indoor and outdoor spaces with optimum views, inspirational settings, and personalized contemporary accommodations for all users. Designed to have the least possible impact on the environment, the tower will integrate current innovative sustainable systems and technologies throughout the building – solar shading, natural ventilation, daylighting, rainwater harvesting, and green interior finishes and materials – to make it one of the greenest skyscrapers in India. India Tower’s 3-story podium will include restaurants and cafés, luxury-brand retail stores, a health/fitness club with a swimming pool, and a nightclub/lounge. When arriving at India Tower, Park Hyatt guests will be directed to the Sky Lobby (levels 30-35) to check-in, then descend to levels 14 through 28 to their hotel residences. India Tower’s long-lease apartments will be located on levels 38 through 50, and will feature stylish and spacious two-story living spaces that have been specially designed to take full advantage of the expansive views from this height. Levels 52 to 59 of the tower will house one-of-a-kind duplex penthouse condominium apartments with unparalleled panoramic views.

Fengshui tip for the day

Fengshui colors
is the feng shui color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. Green is very nourishing to your health, it calms your nerves and balances your whole body by bringing healing feng shui vibrations from Nature. When working with Green color in feng shui, it is important to have at least several different shades in order to maximize its feng shui energy effects.
A great way to bring color Green in feng shui is with actual plants that have lush green foliage.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Is it Stone?

Roca announces the launch of Rock & Roll, an elegant collection of porcelain tiles that mirror the look of natural stone. A marriage of technology and aesthetics that combine the latest porcelain production technology, Rock & Roll tiles are frost resistant, environmentally friendly and well suited for installation in any indoor or outdoor setting.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fengshui tip for the day

Click on the image above to buy this fountain for only $16.99

Water fountains
The ancient Chinese traditions associated water with abundance in life and spirit. The water element also provides revitalizing calm and a fresh approach to all things in life.
The benefits from locating them are often associated with the direction.
Wealth & luck = south-east
Good marriage = south-west
Career = north.
Helpful friends = west
Good health and family relationship = east
Study & education = north-east

On the drawing board: Performing Arts Center, Abu Dhabi

This 62m high structure has been designed by Zaha Hadid. Up to 6300 visitors will be able to spread themselves between its music hall, concert hall, opera house and two theatres. The concert hall is the building’s summit and a huge window behind the stage will look out to the sea. Remarkable indeed !
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day Lighting

Solatube, a pioneer in tubular day lighting devices, has launched the solatube Day lighting System, consisting of the 160 DS, illuminating up to 200sq.ft. and the 290 DS, illuminating up to 300sq.ft. – enabling daylight to be delivered to interior spaces.
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Why daylight?
Without the sun, there would be no life as we know it. The sun works to create the food we eat and the air we breathe. It is no wonder that the natural light that the sun produces is so important to the quality of the life we live.
Natural light lifts spirits, makes spaces appear larger, and reveals our world in its true color.
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it also reduces eyestrain, increases our productivity, and lessens electrical demand. Unfortunately, today's buildings within which we reside rarely have enough natural light.
But now, it's possible to change our buildings with affordable, yet highly advanced skylights. Using a revolutionary, innovative design, you can capture sunlight on your rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft and then diffuse it throughout your interior space. The result is remarkable.

Kitchen: Your Kitchen is one place that needs maximum natural light. The kitchen is a gathering place for your family and friends to spend time together and retell the events of the day, as well as a center for activities such as cooking meals and entertaining. See for yourself in these Before and After picture illustrating the remarkable change with solatube.

Bathroom: Bringing Natural Light in a windowless Bathroom will reveal true colors, reduce eye strain and lower your energy bills

Before and After of a Bathroom with solatube.
Bedroom: You want to feel comfortable, safe and inspired in your bedroom; natural light helps convey that feeling.
Living Area: A pleasant environment with lots of natural light adds to the ambiance and makes your home feel comfortable and welcoming.
Hallways: Most homes have double-loaded corridors, with rooms on both sides resulting in dark, windowless hallways or staircases. Using natural light from the sun to illuminate a room lets us keep electric lights off during the day, saving energy and money.

Enjoy the Sunshine :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rethink Blinds

Offering fresh designs for classical vertical blind systems, Silent Gliss, together with Swedish textile designer Eva Marmbrandt, have developed new, extraordinary and exclusive designs for vertical vanes: the Vertical waves. The shades are a series of laser-cut vertical blinds uniquely created with the vision to redefine interior spaces. There are three unique looks available; Annika, Maria, and Andrea.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Illusion of Sky

The Sky factory has announced the addition of the Luminous Elliptical Sky Ceiling to its current line of rectilinear and circular Luminous Sky Ceilings. These fixtures are photographic illusions of real skies that fit into standard ceiling grid systems, evenly backlighted with T5 or LED Light sources.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stylish VS Comfortable

When I ask somebody “what is your style?”, the most common answer I get is “contemporary, modern , stylish, sleek “. People look at design magazines and fall in love with the pretty pictures illustrating a modern décor. I have accompanied a few of my friends to furniture stores, to help them pick out some furniture. Though they say they would like a stylish looking piece, within few minutes of browsing in the store, I see them slowly migrating towards the bulky, extra plush behemoths. Is it really difficult finding a sleek, stylish looking piece that’s comfortable too ?

Contemporary style could be what you are looking for. Contemporary designs call for softer lines and an emphasis on comfortable texture. Colors are warm and rich in the medium intensity range unlike Modern design which uses less color and texture and is more about form/artistic impression rather than function. Modern designs are very minimalist and lack the extra comfort you are looking for. Here are a few characteristics of contemporary furniture.

Clean lines- Contemporary sofas tend to have cleaner lines, fewer flourishes and understated upholstery. Furniture pieces should be simple and uncluttered, without curves, carvings or decoration. Silhouettes are slim without being dainty. Beds and chairs usually have no skirt, trim, fringe, or tassels.

Color- Furniture can be made of light- colored woods like maple and birch. These tend to have minimal graining. Dark woods are also preferred because of the clean and fluid lines they come in. Furniture made of dark wood is already by itself classic and elegant. So this can be a big choice for a contemporary décor.
Sofas, chairs and ottomans have exposed legs. They can be off wood with minimal grains or stainless steel. Frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, nickel and chrome are a few other materials used in contemporary furniture.

Fabrics - Natural fabrics like silk, wool, linen and cotton are used for their textural aspect and inherent neutral hues. Upholstered furniture often wears black, white, or other neutral tones in textured natural fibers .However, bold color or geometric pattern may be brought into the design with pillows, a rug or throw.

Go for a recliner with clean lines instead of a chair. The recliner would give you the extra comfort.

Add pillows for comfort. They add a shot of color and texture in clean geometric shapes.
Keep in mind use furniture and accessories to make a bold statement. Use a basic background and shout out with your favorite color on a piece that will stand out.

Keep in mind use furniture and accessories to make a bold statement. Use a basic background and shout out with your favorite color on a piece that will stand out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Living room transformation

Choosing the right paint color and buying the right furniture and accessories could be really challenging. And even more challenging is getting the layout to flow well. Find some before and after pictures of living room transformation.



Monday, October 8, 2007

Children's Bedroom

Thinking about decorating your child’s bedroom? Decorating theme is a great way to begin decorating your child’s room. Spend some time to come up with a theme. And from there it’s all fun. Pick paint colors, buy some fun accessories and put it all together.
Here’s one such fun endeavors’.

Sports theme bedroom:
For this project I chose to go with 2 shades of blue with white for the trim and stripes. We also refinished a few existing furniture pieces to go with the theme and added a beautiful car bed. After extensive online shopping it took 2 days to put it all together. End result made a little guy very happy.

Here are a few accesories you could buy to decorate your son's room with a sports theme.

Football bean bag chair
Beanbag chairs are made to relax on! American-made inner case is filled with "weightless" polystyrene. Seams are double-stitched-no leaks! Imported covers zip off. Football is 90". Name custom-embroidered to 12 letters. Cost: $59.98


Sports star rug
100% cotton rug is deeply tufted for softness and comfort. Die-cut star features sports ball design. 40" x 40". Cost: $24.98


Sports Growth Chart
Have loads of fun while keeping pace with how fast they're growing! Use permanent marker to indicate height in half-inches from around 23" to over 5' on silkscreened hinged chart. Each hold pictures in protected frames to help you mark the years. Sawtooth hangers. Fold to store. Name to 12 letters. Cost:$13.99

Champions Lamp
What better things to shine a light on than their favorite’s sports! This lamp casts a warm glow on a football, basketball, soccer ball, baseball, and bat, all made of resin and set on a round wood base. White fabric shade is edged in blue. Cost:$29.98

All-Sport Blue Accordion Peg Rack
Hang in there, sports fans! Wood accordion peg rack holds clothes, book bags, all gear. Expands from 6 1/2" to 30" so you can size it as you wish. Ten 2 3/4" pegs are capped with die-cut sports balls. Matte blue finish. Cost: $19.98

Wood All-Sports Corner Shelves
Elevates trophies, treasures and more to star status—puts wasted space to work! 2 silk-screened wood shelves are each 16 x 11 3/4" and 4 1/2" deep. Hang high or low in corner, together or alone. Cost:$19.98


Play Ball Clock
There's always time for a ball game! My Play Ball(TM) wood clock with no-wind quartz accuracy makes sure you won't miss any of the action. Cost: $13.99

Boy's Door Sign
Door signs tell whether they're ready for company! 3 handmade interchangeable self-stick padded signs put their feelings into words. Name to 12 letters plus "Room." Cost: $19.98


Wood All-Sports Switch Plate
On the ball! Vivid design brightens any room, fits most standard light switches. Cost: $1.98


All-Star Hamper
Tidy up, sport! This lidded hamper makes it easy to stow gear, laundry, and more --- the nylon mesh bag lets air circulate and unhooks in a snap for easy transport. Wooden lid is decorated with soccer ball, basketball, football, and baseball. Cost: $17.98

In Play Comforters, Sham and Bedskirts
In Play bedding scores big with little sports stars! All-American sports: football, soccer, basketball and baseball are featured on the comfy 100% cotton comforter. Cost: $49.99



Baseball Glove Chair & Ottoman Set
They’ll have a ball with this bean bag glove chair and baseball ottoman! A really BIG sports set for little fans! Cost: $139.99


Sports Iron Wall Plaques
He’s running for the end zone...touchdown! These solid iron wall plaques are great accents for the sports-lover’s room. Coated with a non-toxic finish. Includes mounting tabs for easy hanging. Cost: $24.00

Sports Iron Wall Plaques

Gym Lockers

Our locker is sturdily constructed and ready to stow away sports gear, games and more. Lockers have metal details with a non-toxic painted finish that quickly wipes clean. Makes a great night table too! Cost: $85.00

Gym Locker

Foldable Sports Trays
Perfect for games, crafts, snacks, more! Portable tabletop has a smooth top with non-toxic painted finish. Metal legs fold for easy storage. Cost:$39.00
Foldable Sports Trays