Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Design Tip- 05

Cooling Off
Just as warm colors can raise the temperature of a room, cool hues can drop it by a few degrees. Think of solarium, surrounded with windows, that's almost too warm to appreciate. Or maybe a second floor office or attic-bedroom where the heat consistently rises. In these cases and others like it, cool colors can come to the rescue, especially those on the lighter side. In the blue family, consider the color of the sky. Or look toward the colors of the Caribbean-in their palest from at the water's edge and gradually getting darker as you move farther out. To take another cue from Mother Nature, consider assorted greens, as well. Leafy greens have springtime-fresh appeal, while celery shades are more subtle. In all cases, through, couple the cool colors with at least a touch of icy white; it not only will give you a crisp finish but will also provide more chill to the space.

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