Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clean Technology tower

Building on principles of biomimicry, Clean Technology Tower by Adrian Amith + Gordon Gill utilizes advanced technologies and climate-appropriate building systems to foster a symbiotic relationship with its local environment. The tower is sited and formed to harness the power of natural forces at its site- but it refines the conventional methods of capturing those natural forces to significantly increase efficiency. Wind turbines are located at the building’s corners to capture wind at its highest velocity as it accelerates around the tower. The turbines become increasingly dense as the tower ascends and wind speeds increase. At the apex, where wind speeds are at a maximum, a domed double roof cavity captures air, allowing for a large wind farm and the use of negative pressures to ventilate the interior spaces. The dome itself is shaded by photovoltaic cells that capture the southern sun. These systems provide both comfort and energy to the space.The complex includes over 1.8 million square feet of office space as well as a 300,000 square foot hotel, a spa and street-level retail. Dedicated elevators will provide access for both office and hotel tenants to all of the tower’s amenities.An adjacent grand plaza and park enhances the tower’s relationship with the surrounding neighborhood and provides a public gathering space for tenants. The plaza also complements an existing adjacent winter garden and strengthens the connection between the existing retail and the new tower.The tower is easily accessible via both public and private transportation. Hotel and office lobbies have dedicated street entrances and vehicle pick-up and drop-off locations. Service access to the building and parking are available below grade.The tower affords tenants unparalleled views of the city, the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Office space will be located on high floors to maximize available views and take advantage of the direct natural daylight. The tower’s domed top offers unrestricted skyward views, creating a truly modern, grand atrium space.

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