Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Design Tip- 02

The first rule of any successful tablescape (an arrangement on top of any flat surface) is that the number of items doesn’t overwhelm the available space. A large collection of family photos works fine atop a grand piano but will likely crowd an end table.
Once you have determined the amount have space available, pare down items to an odd number. This will make the arrangement less static, encouraging eye to move from one place to another. Then play with the arrangement itself. No matter what kind of accessories you are working with, an informal approach works the best. Start by placing tallest item in the back. Then work your way forward gradually, ending with the smallest piece in the front of the area you are working with. For a well balanced look, make sure that heights go up and down from side to side and from front to back. If too many objects are of the same height use some antique books to life them up.
Finally don’t cluster things too closely; little breathing room will let you appreciate the accessories better.
Once you have created the perfect tablescape make sure to take a picture of your tablescape and keep it handy. When cleaning day rolls around you or whoever is doing the cleaning can achieve the same perfect design!

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