Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unexpected Colors

Yes, the traditional blues, whites and neutrals carry their own sense of beauty and charm. Yet sometimes, the right color scheme for your home may be one you'd never expect—like the unusual color combinations presented here. They can open your eyes to exciting new possibilities.

A bright new look in the dining room
Here's a visually stunning contrast: complement your traditional antique-styled furniture and accessories with the lively and playful color, Hint of Honey. It's an unexpectedly exhilarating new take on a traditional dining room.

Bring hearty warmth to your kitchen
Who says a kitchen has to be basic? This bold Outlands Upholstery Red color offers a unique combination of warmth and strength, excitement and elegance. Use it as a primary or accent color to beautify your kitchen.

A color as playful as your kids
Why shouldn't a bathroom reflect the lightness, whimsy and fun of the kids who will use it? This Ocean Sigh color brings that playful feeling to your kids' bathroom.

Royalty in the bedroom
Stately, elegant, refined. This Winter Amethyst color brings it all to your bedroom. Highlighted brilliantly by a white headboard and furnishings, this bedroom achieves an unexpected warmth and stateliness.

A peachy start to your day
Fruitfulness and fire. Passion and whimsy. These are the feelings evoked by this unexpected color, Peach Taffy. Used as an accent or primary color, it can brighten, enliven and invigorate your home.

Source: valspar.com

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