Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Design Tip-04

Turn up the temperature
Do you have a north-facing room that seems to have a chill even during summer? Or one with minimal windows, restricting the amount of sunlight that it gets? Without touching the thermometer, you can raise the temperature of a room with color. Just look at the warm side of the color palette and use it to your advantage. Consider yellow, for instance. In its most vibrant form, it can add visual warmth to even the coolest space. To take the concept a step further, consider red. Not only does this hue have the ability to add heat but it provides plenty of drama, too. Likewise, the orange hue that you associate with the fruit is only one of the tints and shades you can use in a room. In pale cantaloupe colors and cinnamon shades, it adds an element of excitement. And in the form of peach or apricot, this color is perfectly suited for a living area. The latter two hues, "cosmetic colors" naturally complement skin tones, adding a warm glow to everyone in the room.

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