Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Design Tip- 08

The 8' Rule:
Contrary to what you may have heard, white can actually make ceilings appear lower in rooms with low ceilings, and make them seem even more distant in rooms with high, lofty ceilings.Based on this, there are some good general rules to follow when selecting paint colors for your ceiling area:

If your room has ceilings that are 8' high or under, paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the color of your walls.

If your ceilings are higher than 8', paint them a shade or two darker than your wall color. Following this advice will help give an illusion of space to a low-ceilinged room, or add a feeling of coziness to rooms with higher ceilings.Leaving the ceiling white, while painting the walls with color, can occasionally make a room seem unfinished. Adding just a touch of color to a ceiling can bring a certain intimacy, as well as give the space a much more finished and refined look.

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