Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Understated Elegance

Bland? Boring? Not today's neutrals. Their mix of values, of warm and cool tones harmonizing together as they do in natural stone, represent a subtle rainbow compared with the safe off-white palettes of yesteryear.
Sherwin-Williams' cool grays, such as pale Krypton and deep Cyberspace, are making a comeback after a noticeable absence, says Ralich Spak.
And technology brings a whole new dimension to neutral palettes, adding light and inner luster with textures and finishes we could never have imagined previously.
"Technology has come so far since neutrals were last in the spotlight," says Ralich Spak. "There are wall coverings that look like fish scales, LED lighting that adds texture and dimension, even leather with a luminescent quality."
The Milan Furniture Fair was a-shimmer with metallic finishes and crystal-embedded textiles, Eiseman notes. "Years ago, if crystals were in the fabric, you would feel them. Now technology allows a flat finish that still sparkles."
The range of products with chameleonic colors is rapidly expanding, says Jill Morton, CEO of Colorcom. "We first saw it in the automotive industry, with complex grays that shift from silver to lavender. Once we see it in one arena, we look for it in others."
Technology is redefining luxury for the mass market, Eiseman says. "Luxury today doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive textile. Today you can create a very sumptuous fabric that is synthetic but still looks natural. Technology is allowing us to have more."

Practical Beige SW 6100

Pacer White SW 6098

Krypton SW 6247

Ivoire SW 6127

Rice Grain SW 6155

Harmonic Tan SW 6136

Mega Greige SW 7031

Warm Stone SW 7032

Java SW 6090

Cyberspace SW 7076

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